Intelligent System for Private and Autonomous Monitoring based on Information and Communications Technologies

SIMPATIC project

Our society tends to age. Consequently, the number of age-related diseases grows. In particular, different forms of dementia, such as Alzheimer, are common among the elderly population. These diseases affect the freedom, mobility and self-esteem of the people, which often require a family member or caregiver supervision. Another important trend is found in the use of mobile phones, which have become generalized and cheap devices, with calculation capabilities, communication and self-localization unprecedented.

It would be highly desirable to have a system that monitors people with varying degrees of dementia locations. Thus, if a person is disoriented or lost, he/she could be located quickly and it will minimize the risks to their health.

In SIMPATIC project, we want to use the mobile communications technology deployment, and develop a new autonomous intelligent system for monitoring the location of individuals with mild cognitive disabilities by ensuring their privacy. The system to be developed will respond independently (without user interaction) and intelligently (learning, adapting to the user and detecting anomalous behavior) to potential emergency situations, such as the user is close to a dangerous area (roads, cliffs, ...), the user has fallen, is not moving and is not presenting reactivity, performs wrong movements, etc.