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IoTrain: Implementation of Interactive, Connected and Secure Contextual Environments
for Passenger Rail Transport supported by the Internet of Things and Soft Computing techniques

RTI2018-095499-B-C31, RTI2018-095499-B-C32, RTI2018-095499-B-C33
Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica y Técnica y de Innovación 2017-2020
Programa Estatal de I+D+i Orientada a los Retos de la Sociedad

Coordinated project

The IoTrain project takes advantage of the synergies of three research groups: Universidad Pública de Navarra, Universidad de Deusto and Universitat Rovira i Virgili, by dividing the project into three subprojects.

Characterization, planning and optimization of heterogeneous wireless systems in interactive contextual environments of passengers of rail transport

Within the development of the IoTrain coordinated project, the UPNA subproject focuses on the modeling and analysis of wireless systems, in a heterogeneous network architecture, with the precise consideration of system users and in multiple operating scenarios. The use of wearables and cooperative routing schemes is considered, in order to minimize the energy consumption of the network and increase its efficiency in terms of coverage/capacity relationships aiming to maximize QoS/QoE metrics.

Optimization of the operation of passenger tracking data in railway environments through soft computing techniques

This subproject engages the integration with spatial-temporal data mining techniques based on soft-computing for the processing, analysis and exploitation of the passenger context information (WP3) and its incorporation in a pilot and demo services for the continued monitoring of passengers at stations and in transit (WP4).

Security for the Internet of Things in contextual environments and protection of the privacy of its users in railway environments

Sub-project 3 covers globally and in depth the research and development issues of the IoTrain project related to security and privacy throughout the life cycle of the applications and systems developed.

Work Packages (WP)

For the proper fulfillment of the project a work plan has been defined following a workpackage breakdown.

WP0. Project Management and Coordination

In order to guarantee the fulfillment of all the objectives of the project, it is necessary to dedicate a work package to the tasks of coordination between the research groups.

WP1. Characterization, planning and optimization of heterogeneous wireless systems in interactive contextual environments of rail transport passengers

The adequate analysis and characterization of the different wireless systems, which operate interdependently, is fundamental to be able to validate the parameters of service provision (Quality of Service, Quality of Experience), both at the functional level (effective binary rates, degree of availability of the various services, interoperability of the systems ) as user experience (network latency levels, application response, usability).

WP2. Sensory capture and fusion techniques for the acquisition of the passenger context and provision of personalized services through distributed systems and digital sources

The coexistence in the same scenario of smart devices and people, and the interaction with the shared environment, are some of the current challenges of intelligent spaces. The goal is to implement an environment that works for the user and user-centric, but in a way that guarantees privacy (WP4).

WP3. New spatial-temporal data mining techniques based on Soft computing

The frequent location and traceability of users through their mobile devices has substantially increased the availability of spatio-temporal data, and with it the development of tools that allow processing, analyzing and exploiting this information. Data Mining techniques, and spatial-temporal ones in particular, encompass a set of exploratory, computational and interactive approaches for analyzing large datasets.

WP4. Study, design and implementation of security systems and protocols for railway contextual environments based on IoT and for the protection of users' privacy

In any contextual environment in which heterogeneous devices collect, store and exchange information, which affects decision-making, it is necessary to guarantee the reliability of the sources, the integrity and validity of the data and, overall, the security of the communication system and information storage. This WP focuses on designing and developing security and privacy protection systems that allow the implementation in real environments that IoTrain will develop.

WP5. Pilot: continued monitoring of passengers in train stations and in transit

Deployment of the pilot and validation of the analysis and design.

WP6. Dissemination and Exploitation of Results

After comparing and analyzing all the results obtained, they will be published both in journals and in international and national reference congresses. The transfer routes of the results obtained will be analyzed together with potential industrial partners and stakeholders of the Transfer Offices of all the universities involved in the project.

Work packages distribution

The three IoTrain subprojects IoTrain CONNECTED, IoTrain CONEXTUAL and IoTrain SECURE are highly interrelated making collaboration a must in this project.

The IoTrain project - Contact: agusti.solanas