In conjunction with ECAI 2020


Welcome to SP4HC: Singular Problems 4 Health Care, that is going to be held in conjunction with ECAI 2020, the 24th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Europe’s premier AI Research venue.

The workshop on Singular Problems for Healthcare (SP4HC) is devoted to advances in Artificial Intelligence applied to Healthcare and Well-Being, with an active interest in frontier-of-knowledge Machine Learning subjects. Namely the so-called singular problems: In particular, imbalanced classification, which is pervasive in important practical problems in healthcare and, consequently, has generated a tremendously increasing interest. Associated singular problems, such as ordinal classification, multilabel classification, and similar, also merit the attention of this workshop.

Extensions to these singular problems (multiclass formulations and functional costs, for example) will be also considered, and special attention will be paid to promising implementations: Ensembles, deep architectures, and dynamic machines. Additionally, less usual (in general terms) learning situations (mainly, reinforcement and transfer learning) will be included. To address from the best position practical applications, partial information cases (missing values, noisy labels, etc.) will be considered, too.

All the above is expected to be applied to Healthcare and Well-being. Our aim is to foster the participation of practitioners and researchers so as to establish synergies with interested entities and researchers for carrying out cooperation and practical applications.

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